Chef Briant move to Dallas, TX. You can contact for Group cooking events, parties and corporate entertainment.

Chef Briant creates fabulous cuisine ... and the entertainment too !

MENU II : Corporate Cooking Party

Exciting culinary workshops boost creativity and morale. They are also perfect for celebrating your team’s accomplishments and entertaining clients !


Build team spirit and instill the pleasure of working together…by cooking together !

An innovative, ‘hands-on’ way to motivate a group and create a spirit of cooperation, communication and collaboration. Whether it’s working together for the first time, taking on a new project or simply injecting new enthusiasm and creativity into a group, let Chef Briant do it for you.

Your group will walk away feeling refreshed, invigorated and fully cooperative after spending a few hours of ‘working’ in the kitchen.


A gourmet cooking party is a unique way to show your appreciation !

Stimulate or reward a sales staff, management team or other employees by organizing a cooking party for them. Or thank your preferred customers – they’ll share an evening with you that’s guaranteed to make them feel special.

It’s an original way to show your appreciation and create a memorable experience.


A fresh approach to “business as usual” Chef Briant can help you spark enthusiasm and creativity when getting together away from the daily routine and confines of the workplace.

The relaxed environment of Chef Briant’s home kitchen creates an innovative and effective alternative to restaurant dining


Create long-lasting memories by cooking together.
Celebrate gatherings with friends or family by cooking together …just for the fun of it. Food always brings people together and Chef Briant creates a unique and interesting way to share a wonderful meal.
An intimate and welcoming setting of Chef Briant’s home kitchen will bring delight to any celebration.