Chef Briant move to Dallas, TX. You can contact for Group cooking events, parties and corporate entertainment.

Chef Briant creates fabulous cuisine ... and the entertainment too !

Customer comments...

What a great time we had last Thursday! It is still difficult to describe our expereience to our colleagues at home as we have so much to say. We spent a beautiful evening, something everybody will keep in mind for their whole life. Chef Briant is excellent in cusine and in communication, a real pleasure. He was fantastic. We were up until 5 in the morning on Friday and our clients were still speaking about him. May we book again? I would like to bring some other people to share the experience…

Danielle Jacob, Marketing Director Europe, Technicolor Home Entertainment Services

I would like to recommend Alain Briant, and his fantastic venue in Biarritz. We booked his venue for a new product development workshop for General Mills – one of our food clients. The aim was to ‘leave the office behind’ and stimulate non-formulaic thinking. Alain ws magnificient. His expertise, allied to his passion and enthusiasm created a fantastic stimulus. The acid test was the unanimous call to return there at the soonest opportunity.

Brett McGregor
Haines McGregor, Brand Development, UK

Thank you so much for the wonderful time!!! My Japanese friends definitely had a great time – again on this second market tour and cooking party with Alain. Alain was a big star!
The owner of the cooking school, Tomoko, would like to bring some more people to Biarritz and we will definitely contact you then. I think all of them fell in love with Alain.”

Kaori Myatt, Travel Planner and Interpreter, Biarritz

he several cooking parties and market tours with Chef Alain Briant have been a delight for my North American clients. The guests were given lots of opportunities to interact with Alain who happily shared his passion and knowledge as a chef in an entertaining fashion. They remember the fabulous display and flavours of the food, but also rave about the warm and cheerful personality of Chef Alain to spice up the evening. I’m looking forward to bring my clients to many more classy and tasty events.

Evelyne Dufau, Expérience Authentique, Toronto